Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Beginning

Welcome to my attempt at writing a nursing blog! Although I will not post anything here that would break patient confidentiality, I will give myself a pseudonym. I will call myself Natalie because I have always liked that name.

Also, to protect my secret identity, I will not disclose my hometown to you readers. I will say though that I am Canadian, I live in a city, and work in a relatively large hospital. I am your run of the mill surgical bedside nurse. And despite the hardships that most nurses complain about (and I do my share of complaining!), I love my job and the work I do.

I am in my twenties. This is much younger than the average nurse in Canada, who is in his/her forties! I graduated in 2010, so I am still relatively new to this whole nursing thing. I am married, and have no children yet except for my two kitties. Also, I love to write, and I think nursing issues are often talked about on the front lines but not very well communicated to the public. And that's where this blog will hopefully come in.

Afterall, writers write what they know about. After four years of working, I know I am no expert, especially compared to that average Canadian nurse. But I have had my share of twelve hour shifts. I have taken care of people who are sick, scared, dying, angry and helpless. I have also been able to witness moments of generosity, kindness, wisdom and love. I have learned so much far, but I know this learning will never be finished.

Happy reading!

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