Monday, 30 December 2013

Nursing Resolutions

This new years, I am working a night shift. I am actually pretty excited to watch the fireworks from the windows of our hospital. I have heard you get an awesome view. So, because I will be busy at work on the actual New Years Eve, and sleeping most of January the 1st, I'll post this a little early.

My Nursing New Years Resolutions

1. Have More Energy
-> Is this even possible? During the long, cold, wintery months when I go to work in the dark and come home from work in the dark, I really notice my inner clock malfunctioning. I eat everything in sight and I am still starving. I feel like a zombie on my days off and I am unable to peel myself from the couch. I am too exhausted to be productive, and my time away from work starts to really suffer.
One goal for this year is to have enough energy so I can give the most I can to my patients and also enjoy my days off. I am considering investing in good black out blinds so I can sleep soundly during the day. I am also going to try to exercise more often (how original for a new years resolution list!). Exercising increases your energy, or so they say. Even short walks in the sunshine will make me feel better.

2. Be more assertive at work
-> I am sure everyone knows a passive nurse that allows herself to be manipulated by needy or controlling patients. I am often that nurse. I find myself in situations where I should stick up for myself but don't. I am the nurse who answers the call-bell and willingly does things for patients that they are often able to do themselves. I have witnessed many nurses who respond angrily to patients in these types of situations, but that's not the approach I want to take either. I want to work on being the type of nurse that both respects and commands respects from her patient and coworkers.

3. Become Professionally Involved
-> Us nurses are great at complaining, but often not so great at effecting change. My health care system is designed so nurses feel like they are at the bottom of the food chain and powerless to make a difference. Even small changes at the workplace level can affect the quality of our work life and patient care. I am sure we've all noticed certain aspects of our daily nursing routine that could be improved but have never spoken up about it. However, recognizing the need for change and bringing about change are two very different things. This year, I would like to become more involved with my union and nursing association so I can try to start turning my complaints into action.

Hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy new year!

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